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Easy schematic drawing

A schematic is a sketch of an electrical logic. It shows the electrical connections between component symbols by the use of signal wires and busses.

Characteristics of the schematic tool in TARGET 3001!:

Special: No forward/backward annotation (re-annotate) between schematic and layout needed. Every change you do in schematic is noticed directly on the PCB side and vice versa. Single source principle. No conflicts of project versions. Easy to learn: Nearly every command identical in schematic and PCB.

The meaning of "schematic" in TARGET 3001!

Talking about the "schematic" in TARGET 3001!, we mean the schematic module. You can reach this "schematic view" by selecting "create new PCB with schematic" in the "Start-Assistent" or by using the icon GotoSchematic.jpg (alternative: F3 key) in the layout view to switch to the schematic module. A schematic in TARGET 3001! can have up to 100 pages. You can distribute signals on multiple pages, therefore you need reference symbols. If a signal in the schematic is connected incorrectly, violet lines appear in the schematic.

If your current window in action is a PCB child window, you can switch back to the schematic window by pressing the key combination [Shift]+[F3]. If a schematic window is already opened, you will be transmitted to it. If not, a new one will be opened. TARGET3001! is able to run 10 windows simultaneously.

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