Pin swap / Pad swap

See also Symbol / Gate swap

You can reach this mode...
with "Pin Swap" or "Pad Swap" in Menu Actions or
with the tools PinSwap.jpg or PadSwap.jpg.

What is it for?

Click this menu option if you want to swap two identical pins/pads of a symbol/package. Click the two pins or pads of the same symbol/package which you like to swap subsequently with M1. Both pins need to have the same non-zero swap number. In the schematic only the two pin numbers are exchanged. In the PCB the connected tracks are dragged along like rubber tracks.

Caution: Short cuts are possible.

The display of the ratsnest is caused by the swap itself and the question how densely the board is populated. Air wires are immediately rearranged after a pin/pad swap.

Ratsnest prior to pin/pad swap:


Ratsnest after pin/pad swap:


Leave this mode...
by [ESC] or M12