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Dear TARGET 3001! user,

V31 is available. We are pleased that the development of TARGET goes on continuously. There are no changes in our license and product policy. The transition from V30 (or older) to V31 is a paid update for which we offer low update prices. All further development of TARGET 3001! now flows into V31, all updates within your V31 are free. See TARGET menu Help/Free Update. Look below for all highlights, the complete list of new features please find in the LOGBOOK. If you would like to go for the V31 - our shop is open:

Yours sincerely,
Harald Friedrich
and the TARGET 3001! Team the Shop

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V31-logo-wiki.png RELEASE OF OUR NEW VERSION V31

Discover all new Features of our new Version at a glance.

GerberX3 ready NEW since March 2021:
Panel with bars NEW since January 2021:
SnapEDA NEW since November 2020:
  • SnapEDA: Interface with SnapEDA. Component not found in TARGET? Load it from SnapEDA. 3D models too!
  • Covergence pad: Make any pad a convergence pad. Improve the quality of hand soldered junctions significantly. It's amazing!
TARGET 3001! V30 New V30:
TARGET 3001! V20 News in V20:
  • Push&Shove: When routing a new track, neighboring tracks are pushed aside, if necessary.
    Neighbors of the neighbor follow like a cascade. Spacing rules are obeyed.
  • Move vertices to the grid/add any point to the grid: Push&Shove has put some tracks out of the grid? No problem:
    Drag vertices back to the grid by adding the [Shift] key. Or you would generate additional grid points just at the spot where you are.
  • Component drag and drop from SamacSys® and UltraLibrarian®
  • Selecting track segments: With [Shift] and [Ctrl] as usual in Windows select either "all inbetween" or just the first and last highlighted track segment.
  • Design Rule Check: The check for minimum spacings was significantly accelerated.
  • Air wires: Number of air wires - A useful little feature to plan and calculate you routing activities.
Builder NEW since June 2018:
  • Signal polygons: Show or hide signal polygons using keys [<] and [>]
  • Builder: COMPONIVERSE extended by the web-based component editor "BUILDER"
  • Autosaves: Up to nine renewing autosaves possible instead of only three
  • GerberSpecial: XGerber: Standard Gerber file extensions can be chosen
  • Printing script format: Printing by scripts now possible in format *.pdf too
News NEW since November 2017:
  • MID-Edition: A click top left upon the "standard orientation"-icon shows the measurements of the MID-body at the bottom left
  • Groundplane: Item "Entire PCB area" added to menu "Actions/Ground planes". Use the entire PCB area as a signal polygon.
  • Component browser: Properties: Item "Reload properties from a CSV file" added
  • Component browser: Component: Item "Generate component from a CSV file" added
Predefine tools NEW since October 2017:
  • Isolation milling: Tools can be allocated picking them from their place in a jacket.
Polygonal ground planes NEW since August 2017:
  • Polygonal ground planes: Any filled polygon on a copper layer can be furnished with a signal. Each can be handled like a separate ground plane. It can individually be furnished with attributes. On one copper layer any number of polygons with different signals can be drawn.
Boost your BoM NEW since August 2017:
  • Boost your BoM: Bill of material (BoM): If you add a certain property to a part and you also add the leading characters "BOM-", this particular property automatically will appear in the BoM.
Engraving bit calculator NEW since August 2017:
  • Engraving bit calculator: Insulation milling: In insulation milling copper tracks are circumscribed by an engraving bit. The width of the rubout depends on the angle of its tip and its immersion depth. Calculate these parameters quickly by the use of the Engraving bit calculator in menu "Engraving Insulation channels".
Via fence NEW since August 2017:
  • Via fence: Signal tracks can on both sides be fenced by a chain of vias. High frequency signals by this means can be shielded from external electromagnetic influence.
Breadboard NEW since August 2017:
  • Breadboard: Polygonale breadboard area: Create any polygonal breadboard area in your layout. Hples have the property of a via. You may edit each afterwards or give it a signal. But this is no must. By means of such breadboard areas you easily create "creativity buffers" for your design.
Password protection NEW since August 2017:
  • Password_protection: Protect your project from third party access by the use of a password. But not only a project can be protected: All projects, being created by your license can automatically be protected by a "licence password". This one is demanded if one of your projects shall be opened by a TARGET öicense other than yours. So you protect your intellectual property from third party access. Also a "drift off" towards the spheres of your competitors will be avoided.
Instant PDF NEW since August 2017:
  • Instant PDF: Create a PDF file of your circuit diagram or PCB without a PDF printer. Achieve a quick transfer of your designs as a PDF.
COMPONIVERSE®: New engine, new look, new features NEW since September 2016:
  • COMPONIVERSE®: The interactive component cloud of the TARGET 3001! community. Load up your components and download the ones others have uploaded.
    The TARGET 3001! component exchange. New engine, new look, new features.
One question: Ask a question to a certain issue NEW since September 2016:
  • Ask a question: TARGET 3001! internal FAQ system. Correlates to the TARGET dialog from which the question has been asked.
SamacSys: Cooperation with component portal NEW since September 2016:
  • Components of the British component portal SamacSys can instantly be overtaken to TARGET 3001!. Select components found and place them by drag and drop to your TARGET 3001!-design. Free software "Library Loader" required.
Pick and place: Individual properties can be processed. Here: STOCK_NO and BOX_NO NEW since August 2016:
  • Pick and place: Individual properties can be processed. In this example it's the properties: STOCK_NO and BOX_NO.
Plugged and capped vias NEW since July 2016:
  • Introduced "Plugged" and "Capped" for vias and pads (e.g. for thermal vias)
Signal name as text function NEW since July 2016:
  • Pin names in schematic symbols can also have the signal name as text function (e.g. for a RS232 D-sub 9)
Polygonale Pads NEW since June 2016:
  • Polygonal pads: Increased visible resolution
Leiterbahnvorlagen NEW since June 2016:
  • Toolbar: Palette "Tracks": Programmed buttons also affect tracks yet to come
Pin names alphanumerical NEW since May 2016:
  • Symbol generator: Pin numbers also alphanumerical (A1, A2 ... B1 ...)
2 by 2 meters drawing area NEW since April 2016:
  • Maximum area now 2m x 2m or 6.5ft x 6.5ft.
Component editor NEW since March 2016:
  • Component editor: Get a new component quickly.
  • Offers subsequently the automatic functions needed.
  • A new symbol and/or package can be derived from existing ones!
  • See menu: Components/Create a new component...
Rectangle NEW since March 2016:
  • New tool for a quicker design of rectangles.
  • Simply enter mesurements in cm or coordinates.
  • Drag from the center or from the side.
  • See drawing functions RechteckKoordIcon.jpg
TextTag NEW since March 2016:
  • Text Tag offering useful textfunctions.
  • Place comments, advice, notes of any kind to schematic or layout
  • See drawing functions TextTagIcon.jpg

read more in the TARGET 3001! LOGBOOK