Crash Course Frontpanel




Create a front panel layout, calculate the price and place the order with Panel-Pool (R).
All within TARGET 3001!. Watch videos to the right...

Panel-Pool (R) and PCB-Pool (R) Beta LAYOUT GmbH companies.

Panelpool frontpanel2.png

Panel 1.png Determine size of front panel
Panel 2.png Set grid values
Panel 3.png Insert a rectangular or oblong break-out
Panel 4.png Insert a round, rectangular or oblong sink
Panel 5.png Insert a D-form breakout
Panel 6.png Insert elements from the library
Panel 7.png Place a drill hole
Panel 8.png Place a drill hole with a thread
Panel 9.png Place a drill hole with a sink
Panel 10.png Insert an imprinted text
Panel 11.png Insert engraved text
Panel 12.png Insert a scale
Panel 13.png Insert a picture or logo
Panel 14.png Compute milling paths
Panel 15.png Calculate and send order
Faq41.jpg Frequently asked questions

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