Import a component symbol to the schematic

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The following image shows an empty schematic page. Now we import a symbol from the sidebar. Click M1H upon the symbol pictogram of a LED and bring it into the schematic by drag and drop.

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Key combinations

Schematic 1.jpg

A click M1 on the pictogram will open the component browser to import further parts of this component family.

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Drawing frame

Schematic 2.jpg

In case the component value appears too big, you might change it by M11 upon it's handle cross. The appearing dialog allows to modify the entries. "LED_RED_5mm" stands for Component Value. "D1" stands for "Component Name".

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Displace / Move / Relocate from

Schematic 3.jpg

Now get in two dual pole connectors to the schematic by the same procedure...

Schematic 4.jpg

...and place them at a convenient location. Rotate any symbol prior to dropping by the use of the keyboard key [t] which stands for turn or by a mouseclick M2.

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