Menu File

The entries in menu File are identical in layout and schematic view!

E MenuFile.jpg

Open Start assistant
New Project... [Ctrl]+[n]
Open Project...[Ctrl]+[o]
Open user folder
Open a demo project
Open an Eagle project
Save project... [Ctrl]+[s]
Save project as...
Save project as template
Save project in Eagle format
Convert project into "PCB without schematic"...
Convert projects to CAM data
Close Project
Save All
Choose Window
Reopen Project
Print... [Ctrl]+[p]
Create PDF
Input/Output Formats
Have the PCB produced...
Produce PCB as 3D dummy
Produce Frontpanel with WK Mechanik...
Price Inquiry PCB production...
Reorganisation [Ctrl]+[F12]
Check Project [Ctrl]+[F1]
Component-Browser [F2]
Open an external data base
Enter licence password
Exit TARGET [Alt]+[F4]