Open this dialog by the use of the button Colors.jpg You will find this button beneath View.jpg All colors which are independent from a layer number can be set here:

Color dialog.jpg

Image: The Color-settings dialog

Settings made here dominate the settings under which the project that you now might open was saved earlier. Exception: The layer colors (layout).

It is possible to adjust the related VGA-colors for each of the 16 colors directly through their RGB-value (red, green, blue). Therefore you can adapt the colors easily to the different display modes of the graphics card and the monitor. As an example, the intensity of individual colors can be influenced.

The button [S] saves the current color settings in a textfile which you later might load again using button [L].

The color of the air wires (ratsnest) in the layout can be set in the schematic view. Highlight a complete signal and press the key [e] for edition. In the flashing dialog please do the "color of air wires" setting.