After the start TARGET 3001! gathers only few information from the internet:

No data about you or your software use is transmitted to us. This would be illegal and we from TARGET 3001! are conscious about that. Using a "Sniffer tool" (e.g. WireShark) you can exactly monitor what TARGET 3001! is doing.

Problems with the internet connectivity

TARGET 3001! now uses the HTTPS protocol (Port:443) for most internet actions and sometimes HTTP (Port:80). If you use a firewall for the connection to the internet, please make sure that the requests from TARGET are not blocked by the firewall. Firewalls can be installed in your computer (e.g. Windows Defender), but also as a device somewhere on the way from your computer to the internet. If there is a firewall in your PC, TARGET may have to be listed as an exception.

For example, if the firewall uses Deep Packet Inspection, you may need to whitelist these pages.

Translated with (free version)

Please see menu "Settings/Settings (INI-File)..." scroll nearly down to the bottom and receive:

Online e.jpg

Image: Set Proxy server details in TARGET 3001! by clicking into each row and entering the right information.

URLs White-List

If you want to enter the links TARGET 3001! uses to a White-List, these are all:

Send messages from older TARGET 3001! versions (V13.3.0.113 and older)

These versions used the SMTP-protocol for transmission of mails or for ordering with PCB-POOL. In this cases always the IBF SMTP server "" was used for transmission of mails or other messages. Beyond certain customer-firewalls such an access wasn't always possible. In this case it was possible to denote an own HTTP-Server. As port normally 25 is used:

SMTP Port: "25"
SMTP Server: "" (i.e. empty line or the name of your SMTP-Server, e.g.""

Please find this place for entering in menu Settings/Settings(INI file...). Target 3001! does not support SMTP-Server needing a password for authentification.

Online component search V12 and older

The server accessability those days was done by internet services which do not exist anymore. The service has closed down and can not be activated again. We recommend an update to the current version.