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Dear TARGET 3001! - user,

we are happy to present version V20 to you. Our main objective in V20 is routing by hand. The new function push&shove means for already laid tracks: "Move sideways a bit"! So you will be able to route tracks independently of already laid track structures. Simply push already laid tracks away as much as needed. Neighboring tracks will also be moved aside in a cascade fashion, while all spacing constraints are maintained. Save time and board space and optimize your layout in real time. As usual, we will continue developing V20 over the next one and a half years and will provide all updates to your licensed V20 free of charge.

We are very proud of this new "groundbreaking" feature and look forward to your feedback.
(...certainly no traces will be broken - how this is done, is the trick!)

Sincerely yours,

Harald Friedrich and the TARGET 3001! Team

Go.png Push and shove
Go.png ✔ Move vertices to the grid/add any point to the grid: Push&Shove has put some tracks out of the grid? No problem:
Drag vertices back to the grid by adding the [Shift] key. Or you would generate additional grid points just at the spot where you are.
Go.png ✔ Selecting track segments: With [Shift] and [Ctrl] as usual in Windows select either "all inbetween" or just the first and last highlighted track segment.
Go.png ✔ Design Rule Check: The check for minimum spacings was significantly accelerated.
Go.png ✔ Component drag and drop from Samacsys30.jpg and Ultralibrarian30.jpg

Go.png Air wires: Number of air wires - A useful little feature to plan and calculate you routing activities.
Go.png Toggle routing layers: While routing use the keyboard key [,] (comma) to change over to another routing layer according to your layer history.
Go.png Turnover panel: When automatically assembling just flip the panel and have the same image for pick and place as before.
Go.png More featueres? Yes: With V20 you can get all updates for free including all new features and changes until the day when the next main version, V21, will be released.
Logbook.png Logbook! Up to date: Browse the logbook to see all features, changes and fixes.

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