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Dear TARGET 3001! family,

we are proud to present to you the new Version V17. We have implemented some new features for you to make the work on your PCB project easier and quicker. Especially the new COMPONIVERSE™ is exciting. It is a component exchange for TARGET 3001! users to share their components. We wish you every success for your projects with TARGET 3001!

Yours sincerely,

Harald Friedrich
and the TARGET 3001! team

Go.png STEP 3D Import
Comfortable: Import manufacturers' 3D models of components to TARGET using the STEP-Import.
Go.png The Package Generator
Easy: Create complex packages including 3D image just by entering the measurements.
Interactive: Upload your indvidually created TARGET 3001! parts to the componiverse and let others share them. Search the Componiverse for a missing part and download it for free if uploaded from another TARGET 3001! user.
Go.png Processor scheme
Copy and paste from the data sheet: When drawing symbols arrange the pins according to function on button click: Power pins on top, GND Pins below, I/O ports to the east, all others to the west.
Go.png DXF-Import
Reworked: Comprehensively renewed, powerful DXF-Import.
Go.png Differential Pairs
In balance: Transmit information electrically with two complementary signals sent on two paired wires. Design those "Differential Pairs" using this new feature.
Go.png Meander a track
At the same time: Create absolutely identical track lengthes by elongating a shorter one in meander-style design.
Go.png Impedance calculator
High Frequency: The Impedance calculator recommends a track width recognizing various StripLine alternatives.
Go.png Find order numbers
Without detour: Search a part in TARGET 3001! and forward the search to a distributor's web shop.
Go.png ✔ More features?
Yes: With V17 you gain all updates for free includinag all new features and amendments until the day when V18 will be released.
Logbook.png Logbook!
Up to date: Browse the logbook to find out the latest features and amendments...