Superimpose your frontpanel sketch over your PCB layout. Place milling elements over PCB elements.

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Use your PCB layout as a default for:
  • drillings for LEDs
  • breakouts for receptacles, display elements, sockets...
  • radial scales (rotary potentiometers), linear scales (slide controls)
  • over 100 further predefined milling objects
  • From version V20.3.0.44: Chamfer on outer contour possible.
  • create your own milling objects and save them
  • Mill a front panel yourself

Calculate the price and order on button click. You will be amazed how easy it is.

Videostart frontpanel1.jpg

Videostart frontpanel2.jpg

Videostart frontpanel3.jpg


If you want to produce your front panel at a different front panel milling house you can create and send DXF-Data there for further processing. For DIY frontpanel milling TARGET 3001! can put out the data in EXCELLON format specialized for SCHMOLL® milling machines. Its cutting length can be limited in TARGET 3001! editions.


Panel-Pool (R)
offers plane front panels with digital printings

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offers plane and bended frontpanels as well as housings. No digital printing.

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