Turn / rotate

You can reach this mode...
by [t] or [Shift]+[t] or
by "Turn/Rotate" in menu "Edit" or
by the tool Rotate.jpg under the Edit.jpg icon

What you can do...
Select the object(s) in question. Hover the cursor over the desired rotation center and click M1. All selected elements rotate around this cursor position by the current rotation angle set. So don't hover the mouse too far away otherwise your object might be turned out of the screen area.

TARGET 3001! sets this rotation angle to 90° by default. If you want to rotate an element at a different angle, please press [Shift]+[t]. A dialog follows, which allows the setting of any angle.

E RotAngDlg.jpg

When you are placing packages or symbols from the library you are automatically in the turn/rotate mode. You can rotate a component by M2 at predefined angle (see above).

[Ctrl]+[t] turns (rotates) one step backwards

Leave this mode...
by [ESC] or M12

alias: spin