Toolbar Edit component

This toolbar can be found in the schematic view and in the layout view.

Schematic view

This is the schematic view for drawing a symbol. Choose menu option: View/Toolbars/Toolbar "Edit component" visible.

The toolbar to create or edit a component
Image: The toolbar "Edit component" is necessary when creating or editing a component.

If you hover the cursor over an icon, a little flag will announce its function. The icons are assigned bottom top according to the steps of drawing a part. Follow them one after the other so you will reach your target step by step. The magic wand keeps some automatic functions you might use - not necessarily all of them. You can choose:

MagicWand e.jpg Symbol Generator
Edit selected pin names in a text editor
Symbol via script
Order the pins according to a processor scheme
Create pins for BGAs

Layout view

This is the layout view for the creation of a component package. The functions are principally identical with those of the schematic view.

The toolbar Edit component fixed laterally
Image: The toolbar Edit component is needed for the creation/edition of a component package (Layout view).

The magic wand offers the additional functions Package Generator... and Package via script