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Dear users,

we are pleased to present to you version V30 It is the direct successor of V20 and refers to the 30th anniversary of our and your TARGET 3001! The new features represent a cross-section of our own ideas and wishes and suggestions of our users. As always we are looking forward to your feedback. Our license policy and our installation policy did not change so that TARGET 3001! will perform in your environment in the usual way. We will continue to develop V30 in the next one and a half years and give you all updates to your V30 for free.

We wish you continued success and pleasure with TARGET 3001!

Best regards,

Harald Friedrich
and the TARGET 3001! Team

Go.png Pilot Router
Go.png ✔ Give a track a certain length by interactive meandering
Go.png ✔ Signal classes can keep special distances between each other
Go.png Tooltip shows all elements superposed at cursor position
Go.png ✔ Huge 3D-STEP models can be used at reduced complexity
Go.png Selecting with [Shift] + [M1] also works through nodes and vias
Go.png Track fine tuning: Press [7] to optimize and streamline the selected track segments
Go.png ✔ Component buttons in the sidebar collect your favorite parts in their context menu
Go.png Exclude pads for heat sinks: For solder pads and vias the generation of ridges for heat sinks can be suppressed individually.
Go.png ✔ More Featueres?
In V30 you get all upcoming features and updates for free. How does TARGET 3001! develop?
Logbook.png Logbook
Have a complete overview on all new features and improvements of the current edition.

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