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Dear TARGET 3001! - user,

we are happy to present version V19 to you. Improving the ground plane performance was the key driver for the development of the new version. A new polygon algorithm allows individual handling of any plane shape with any electrical potential on a copper side of your board. Any ground polygon can additionally be furnished with a rank in order to dominate overlapping parts of other polygons having a different ground potential. Furthermore in Insulation milling there is a new calculator to define the immersion depth of the engraving tool. This helps to define the rub out width of the tool. Before creating a Bill Of Material (BOM) now parameters can be defined as "project varables". This truly enhances the informative value of your BOM.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Yours sincerely,

Harald Friedrich and the TARGET 3001! Team

Go.png Ground plane polygons
Go.png Engraving bit calculator
Go.png Boost your BoM by additional parameters
Go.png Instant PDF: Create a PDF file of your TARGET 3001! project without using a printer.
Go.png Create any polygonal breadboard area in your layout
Go.png Shield HF signals by a via fence
Go.png Protect one project or all projects against unauthorized access by a password
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Yes: With V19 you can get all updates for free including all new features and changes until the day when the next main version, V20, will be released.
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