Insert an imprinted text

This article is part of a TARGET 3001! Crash Course Frontpanel.

After clicking the icon Panel 10.png the cursor changes it's view: Cursor text.png

Hover the mouse to a place in your layout, where your text shall begin. The cursor represents bottom left of your text. After a click the text dialog opens for designing your text:

FP cursor textDlg e.jpg

Image 1: The dialog "Edit text"

Note: Imprinted text can be effected only on anodized or raw aluminium. On colored aluminium materials unfortunately the contrast is not sufficient. Also on Acryl glass the printing of text or other elements is not possible because of melting. In these cases the text and symbol elements need to be engraved and laid out with color.

FP aufgedruckter Text e.jpg

Image 2: Imprinted text, effected on layer 28, Frontpanel (printing).

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