Insert a resistor in series as limiter afterwards

Simply drop the resistor onto the existing signal wire in the schematic. The signal hit will be ripped up in order to insert the resistor.

Resistor imported and aligned
Image: Resistor fetched from the component database and aligned. Click M1 to "drop" (= place on the existing signal).

Hint 1
Image: Clic Yes delivers the following image:

Hint 2
Image: The signal name Sig$22 is generated automatically. Which signal line keeps the name and which gets a new name depends, among other things, on its length.

Hint 3
Image: Note on the further procedure in the layout.

Tracks that were already laid in the layout remain for the moment. They need to be ripped up manually if the resistor package is to be inserted. The signal part Sig$22 would have to be renamed by hand in the layout. If the track is not too complicated, delete the track completely and re-route it. The pad of the package in the layout will automatically bring the new signal name along, in our case Sig$22. When rerouting the track, this signal name would be picked up and the rerouted track would carry this signal name.

Resistor in place
Image: Resistor placed in series (Schematic).