Handle cross



The handle cross is the handle of a symbol or a package. In order to highlight a symbol/package as a whole it is clicked with M1 upon the handle cross. Now it can be displaced, cut or copied. In the Pointer tool bar is by default the icon SelByHandle.png pressed. This setting effects, that the component as a whole is highlighted only if the handle cross is hit. In other words if you don´t hit the handle cross exactly not the complete figure will be highlighted but only this part of it, you had hit. In case you wish to highlight the whole figure also by just hitting a part of it, you need to press additionally the icon SelByElem.png

By M11 on the handle cross a dialog opens which allows the inspection of major properties of the component. During the act of importing a component from a library to your canvas, the figure is fixed as a pictogram with its handle cross to your cursor.

Symbol with Handle cross


By M11 upon the handle cross the dialog "Change Symbols" opens:

E SymbolDlg.jpg

Package with Handle cross


By M11 upon the handle cross the dialog "Change Package" opens:

E GehsAendernDlg.jpg

Placement of the Handle cross / Displacement of the Handle cross position

The handle cross is placed at cursor position when saving a symbol or package. That means before you save a symbol or package by the use of the keyboard key [x] please hover the cursor to the spot where you want to have the handle. Maybe to the center of your drawing (recommended) or to pin/pad #1. If you now press [x] the part vanishes to the data base and the handle cross position determines the grab handle position. As soon as it is imported to the canvas its handle cross will appear where the cursor was placed when you had been saving it. The position can not be modified unless you save the component with a new handle cross position again and reimport it to the canvas.

This displacement of the handle cross position is effected:

Define the size of the handle cross, fading it out

Click M2 on an empty space and select from the appearing context menu entry "TARGET settings":

Context menu
Image: Right click on empty space opens context menu

The appearing dialog gives opportunity to define the size of the handle cross. It can achieve value=0 which means fade out.

Entry zero means fading out the handle cross
Image: Entry zero means fading out the handle cross. We do not recommend that. Better set it small instead of fading it out.

A tick at the handle

The handle cross of a symbol (schematic) gets a tick, if a corresponding package in the layout is placed already.