False positive


Some virus scanners give a false alert

Virus scanners sometimes falsely accuse our software TARGET 3001! or the embedded Autorouter ELECTRA as malicious when downloading. This is a "FALSE POSITIVE", i.e. a false alarm. According to human discretion, our products are not infected with viruses, trojans or other malware when delivered or downloaded from our homepage.

The mere statement of some virus scanners that our software is "suspicious", "dangerous" or "malicious" is close to defamation and represents an enormous business damage for us. Customers and interested parties are highly made uncertain by such false alerts. We have equipped TARGET 3001! with a software signature that should avoid the worst false warnings. Nevertheless - be assured that our software does not pose any danger or espionage. Our programs are virus checked before we distribute them.

Please do not be unsettled by such a message. You may also be able to exclude the EXE file from being scanned by your scanner.

If you get such a warning and feel insecure what to do, don't hesitate sending us a mail:

Yours sincerely

See the following examples of false positives created by virus scanners:

Kaspersky false positive.PNG
The software "Kaspersky Internet Security 2010" accuses the electra.exe, which is embedded into the TARGET 3001! setup to be a trojan.

The electra.exe is the long term approved autorouter ELECTRA, working correctly and efficiently. By no means it is a virus, a trojan, a worm or any kind of malware. We have checked the electra file by 34 virus scanners and did receive not any further alert. According to one's best judgment this message is a "false positive" by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky obviously seems to be renowned for "false positives": Using the catchwords kaspersky false positive Google finds 107,000 reports. Some believe Kaspersky to be the "King of False Positives".
De cleaner350.jpg Der "Norton DE- Cleaner", by Symantec denominates our TARGET 3001! wrongly being a threat. Only if you conduct a second so called "Remote Scan", TARGET 3001! gets designated harmless.

By the German "Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik" the Symantec Norton DE-Cleaner is recommemded being a cleaning software in respect to the "botnet" problem. Via the association it can be downloaded. Solely in Germany this product causes an enourmous collateral damage by it's False Positives. or Respectable companies with a spotless behaviour falsely get accused of spreading malware so their reputation gets irrepairably damaged. We are struck by this scandalous carelessness of the German Bundesamt which recklessly endorses injure to innocent software producers.

Eset350.jpg the virus scanner ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 alerts our software being a "Potential Threat". TARGET 3001! has applied at ESET for "whitelisting" . Do we now have to do so with every versions update?

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