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(Version, 2024-05-15)
250 Pins/Pads, 2 copper layers, 2m x 2m (78.74" X 78.74"), 30 signals simulatable. MID capabilities restricted to 10 Pins.
All functions active, no time restriction, no codes. No commercial use.

117 MB

Note: Your antivirus software must allow the installation.
First steps online
System requirements online
Quick Reference Guide (The most important commands on two PDF pages) 1MB
The latest developments (The TARGET 3001! Logbook) online
TARGET 3001! Datasheet online
TARGET 3001! Viewer...what can it do? 5MB
Flag it 30.jpg TARGET 3001! Manuale italiano (molte grazie a Paolo Pacini) 2MB
General PCB Layout Tutorial (by David L. Jones) 1MB
GerberLogix (Gerber viewer) 1MB
Free PDF-Maker (PDF printer driver) 17MB
Color2Hex (Screen pipette with calculator) 160KB