Convergence Pad

Image:Convergence Pads, left THT, right SMD

The Convergence Pad is an invention of Mr Landulf Skoda. It is an extension of the soldering pad to slowly remove the soldering iron from the pad after soldering. The heat thus leaves the pad in a lateral direction and the solder joint cools down very homogeneously. This significantly increases the soldering quality, both during production and repair.

Image: Left: Solder joint has no convergence pad. Right: Solder joint has a convergence pad

The Convergence Pad is patent pending and for commercial use a licence must be obtained from Mr Skoda: Licence

In TARGET you can create convergence pads in the "Convergence pads" dialog in the board view in the menu "Actions / Preparatory work":

Dialog in TARGET: Convergence Pads
Image: Dialog in TARGET: Making a Pad a Convergence Pad

Result Convergence Pads
Image: Result Convergence Pads

TARGET first tries to use existing traces. The solder resist is removed on these traces accordingly. Otherwise new traces are placed which are also free of solder resist.

alias: soldering tag, soldering flag, pad with ligament, pad with bar.