The following conventions are valid for the spelling in the documentation:

[x] Expressions in rectangular brackets are keyboard strokes: [Pos1] or [Home] mean: type the [Pos1] key or the [Home] key (depending on your use of an English or a different keyboard). Shift keys are to be pressed prior to the character key or function key.

The following shift key buttons are available: [Shift], [Alt], [Ctrl]. [Alt]+[p] means: press and hold the [Alt] key and type the [p] key at the same time.
[Shift]+[INSERT] means: press and hold the [Shift] key and type the [INSERT] key. Here you find a list of functions that can be selected using such key combinations.

Mx - Expressions starting with a M are mouseclicks. TARGET 3001! recognizes 3 mouse buttons: left (1), middle (3) and right (2). The following combinations of mouse clicks are possible:


M1 = click and release the left mouse button immediately.
M11 = double click the left mouse button.
M1H = press and hold the left mouse button, move the mouse.
M12 = press the left and the right mouse button at the same time. Works mostly like [ESC]
M2 = click and release the right mouse button immediately.
M22 = double click the right mouse button.
M2H = press and hold the right mouse button, move the mouse.
M3 = scroll mousewheel (=zoom). Instead of zooming: [Ctrl]+[M3]--> wheel scrolls vertically, [Shift]+[M3] --> wheel scrolls horizontally. Alternatively: M3 in the free area of a scrollbar. In Place track mode: Click it to place a via and to change over to the other copper side.
M3H = press and hold the mouse wheel and move the mouse to move the whole sheet

You can adjust the sensitivity and the double-click speed of the mouse (for M11 and M22) as well as settings for left-handed use in the Windows control panel. What you can do using the mouse is written in topic Mousekeys


Orientation information in TARGET 3001! is given in degree (°). This refers to the right pointing axis of the coordinate system. The counting is done in a positive mathematical way (counter clockwise; positive X-axis = 0°, positive Y-axis = 90° etc.).

Info box at cursor tip (tooltip)

Please have a look here: Tooltip