3D View


"3D View"

TARGET 3001! allows to inspect your layouts in 3D View. To see what you have created, click in layout menu "View" on "3D-View" or simply click button:

Start 3D view

Precondition is, that a component has a 3D-model. Most packages in TARGET 3001! are furnished with 3D models. Dive through your TARGET-Layout and inspect the layout elements from all sides. By the use of the STEP 3D export you will be able to print your "assembled" board physically in 3D prior to real assembly.

Download TARGET 3001! example project Pic.T3001
3d print bleu.jpg
Plastic 3D model. How does that work?

The following images will give an impression on the usability of the 3D function in TARGET 3001!:

The layout:

3d layout.jpg
The 3D-View;

3d image.jpg
3D Dummy:


How much is it?