Update the component database

The TARGET 3001! component database is only one single file. It is called: target3001.db
After installation of TARGET 3001! you will find the path to its location on your computer shown in this TARGET 3001! dialog:

Databasepath e.jpg
Image: how to find the location of your component data base.

The TARGET 3001! component database permanently is improved and widened. All users of the current version can free of charge take part. A component database update can be started


Image: Start the database update e. g. from the component browser.

The new data base may have:

Important note: An update of the component database never ever will touch USER components. It's those ones which had been drawn or modified by the user and now are marked with a USER flag. They remain untouched.

With every update of the component database a backup of the current database is done.

Backups of the component data base
Image: Several target3001.db - backups.

You will find the backups beside the target3001.db. Up to 10 backups are saved. A further backup deletes the oldest one. A component database update happens by a "transaction". That means that the update is effected only if the download was finished error free and completely. In case of a cancellation or a crash of the download you won't damage the current database because it will not be exchanged.

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