System requirements

Hardware and software required when using the current version of TARGET 3001!

* When using Win XP it might occur that the missing of the file normaliz.dll is alerted. What to do??
** TARGET normally runs well under Linux using Wine but we can give no warranty. The ELECTRA autorouter runs under a genuine Windows only.

Some functions in TARGET (STEP-Import, Componiverse, Electra, etc.) require Visual C++ Redistributable Package
For installation the Ubuntu-User Winetricks can be used. This already is on Ubuntu.
This end it worked only using the pack VCRUN2008. VCRUN2013 etc. caused errors.

NOTE: There is an ongoing effort in Wine to provide a complete Microsoft Visual C++runtime library replacement - removing the need of installing the Microsoft VC++ redistributables packages. This is a work in progress hence you might still need to install Microsoft VC++ runtime.

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