Show Layer Toolbar

The following explanations refer to versions older than V14. Since version V14 please have a look here: Sidebar

If the layer toolbar does not automatically flash in the PCB view, please display it permanently on screen by the use of the main layer tool.

Press Layers.jpg and get:

E layerDLGklein.jpg

Please press icon ToolBar.png (see red arrow). The layer toolbar now permanently is displayed on the right side of the window (can be moved).

E LayersToolBar.jpg

If you would have set different kinds of vias in the "Via-Options"-dialog, those would be visible in the "Via-Panel" line at the bottom of the dialog. You also might select one of the last 10 widths you had used for drawing lines or tracks in the pull down menu "width". You may even define a new one. See also Layer