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Campus licence

  • Unlimited number of seats
  • It has the power of edition "design station"
  • It may be installed on the students private computers
  • It is a trial version with a duration of 2 years, = 730 days from purchase
  • After two years, it must be purchased again by the university and a new licence number is issued
  • Students have to reinstall it after two years if they get download access from the institute/university/college
  • Licence fee is to be paid in advance
  • It mustn't be used other than for non commercial reasons (NC).
  • The campus license is not part of an update price scheme. Also it will not be part of any of our discount events

A TARGET 3001! school version - or as we say campus licence - is intended for universities, universities of applied sciences, technical colleges and educational institutes teaching subjects of electronics. The license agreement will allow the school to install this software to an unlimited number of PCs of the institute. So an unlimited simultaneous use is given. Students are permitted to copy the software to their personal laptops or workstations at home. The school will be asked to sign a license agreement. The license agreement states that the school will be using this software only for educational purposes. This excludes any commercial use or use by third parties (other institutes). It expires after two years. Then a new licence must be purchased. Files generated by this license can easily be identified as such.

Campus license TARGET 3001! "design station"
(unlimited workstations, dedicated to the students of the institute)

unlim. # of Pins/Pads, 100 copper layers, Simulation: unlimited # of signals

campus licence Net VAT (19%) Subtotal
EUR 488.99 92.91 581.90

Demand for a campus license