PCB-Pool Edition

Use TARGET 3001! PCB-POOL® and PANEL-POOL®Edition! The full range of design capability for PCB-POOL® customers. Its free!

Download TARGET 3001! PCB-POOL®-Edition

  • all functions active (PCB and front panel) - equal to edition professional
  • production data limited to production with PCB-POOL® resp. PANEL-POOL®
  • project files (*.T3000) not compatible with regular TARGET editions (*.T3001). Also see: File extensions T3001 & T3000
  • PCB: Unlimited # of pins and pads
  • Front panel: Unlimited tool moves
  • 100 copper layers
  • 100 signals simulatable
  • 78" x 78" board size
  • Component data base: unlimited access
  • PCB printing enabled, including 100% scale
  • PCB-POOL® and PANEL-POOL® price calculator
  • Assembly tool plus price colculator
  • MID design supported

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PCB-POOL® and Panel Pool® are registered trade marks of the PCB manufacturer Beta LAYOUT Ltd.