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Dear TARGET 3001! family,

we are proud to present TARGET 3001! version V18. We have put the focus in V18 on speed. More speed in the handling of projects by improved internal procedures. We gained more speed in component creation by improved incorporation of WEB contents. We sped up the conversion of ground planes by a new algorithm. We remain true to our principle of "Continuous Delivery": All new developments and changes will roll directly into the current V18. You can take advantage of all new features and further developments by updating your V18 for free.

Yours sincerely,

Harald Friedrich
and the TARGET 3001! team

Go.png Circuit design on 3D bodies (MID) in edition TARGET 3001! MID
Go.png Sidebar for component edition
Go.png Symbol generator
Go.png ✔ Handling of ground planes simplified
Go.png ✔ Size of project files reduced
Go.png ✔ Check project accelerated
Go.png ✔ Ground plane partitioning optimized
Go.png ✔ Eagle® Export improved (XML supported)
Go.png ✔ More features?
Yes: With V18 you can get all updates for free including all new features and changes until the day when the next version, V19, is released.
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Up to date: Browse the logbook to find out the latest features and changes...