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A customer reports:

I had been running Ubuntu10.10 for some time with VMWare for my windows programs. Then one day after an update my X window was no longer present. It turned out that there was a lock file active that I didn't know about till much later ... In any even I ended up updating to Ubuntu 11.10 and then 12.04 in an effort to get everything back to normal. Unfortunately by that time VMWare would no longer work and in talking to VMWare it was apparent that they would no have their act together for a LONG time. [...] On the other hand I love Ubuntu. Especially KUbuntu which uses KDE and Qt. Very, very nice graphics! But I really needed to get back my Target 3001. What to do? Late last night I thought, what about WIne? Wow, was I surprised! Loading Target was effortless. It appears to work great. You and PCB-Pool should make a point of telling everyone how well it runs on Ubuntu.

Some functions in TARGET (STEP-Import, Componiverse, Electra, etc.) require Visual C++ Redistributable Package
For installation the Ubuntu-User Winetricks can be used. This already is on Ubuntu.
This end it worked only using the pack VCRUN2008. VCRUN2013 etc. caused errors.
Manjaro-Linux (Arch derivative): Please install lib32-libldap before.

You may find another solution (charged) here:
Crossover by Codeweavers

NOTE: There is an ongoing effort in Wine to provide a complete Microsoft Visual C++runtime library replacement - removing the need of installing the Microsoft VC++ redistributables packages. This is a work in progress hence you might still need to install Microsoft VC++ runtime.

Below please find the installation report of our valued customer Mr. Anton Lettenbichler from geosono. Thanks for the permission to publish it here. Translated from German by the TARGET team.

"I have installed my Target V19 under 'wine' on my main computer (ubuntu 16.04LTS). The installation was remarkably easy after some googling for 'wine'... and reinstalling the ARIAL font with winetricks.
Summary of the main steps:

1) install wine (according to method 2)
2) install visual C++ package using winetricks (it worked for me with version 2015 following the link:
3) with winetricks also install corefonts (contains ARIAL). Installing all font packages didn't work, but it doesn't matter. (execute winetricks in folder '~/.wine': ~/.wine/winetricks corefonts)
The system configuration is set to Windows7, 64-bit.

- Install Target from CD (warnings and errors pop up; follow instructions, ignore the rest)
- Start Target (demo project)
- If this works without any error message, you have come far already. If an Arial error is still displayed, try again
- Despite the error message, the demo project starts

Important note: Target uses input windows in many situations, but these are sometimes displayed in the background and Target seems to have hung up. In this case search for the window in the background (e.g. layer manager,.....), make entries, close, continue working normally. Then you'll be ready to customize paths, copy files (templates,... library of your own parts,...) and start your first project."