Licence policy


We offer:

No hardware protection system (dongle)
Fixed price - no licence by subscription
Not tied to a certain PC (node locking)
No module-hassle - always the complete system
No activation codes - just install
You'll get an installation CD - no copy protection
No special installer required
TARGET will not be calling home

The licence is valid for an unlimited period of time. The version will work as long as you find a Windows on which it can be installed. All updates of the current main version are included for free. Every one and a half years a new main version is released as an update, which you can purchase. If you do not want to do this paid update, keep your old version.

You can always find the latest version on our download page. The development of earlier versions V20, V19, V18, V17... is finished, there are no further updates here. Nevertheless these versions still work. Projects, which you have created e.g. in V18, can be opened and edited in the current version without any problems. Also your self-created components, which you have saved in your V18 component database, can still be used. Even if you install and try out the current TARGET demo version, your V18 will still work. Several versions with different main version numbers on one computer do not irritate each other.

Starting with a lower version, you might enlarge it later. For an upgrade you will pay the difference price plus about 20% of the initial version's price. Non-commercial versions (such as educational and student versions) are excluded from the update pricing mechanism. In this case the new price must always be paid. The licence of the free version and the light version is non commercial. But all functions are entirely active, no time restriction, no registration.
Important note:
You may copy a single user licence to as many PCs as you like, but you must make sure that it closed on PC 1 before you open it on PC 2.
You can open TARGET more than once on one PC. See the following illustration.
Image: 1 and 2 are overlapping times. This is against single use agreement. After 20 hours of goodwill warning messages pop up. You should take them seriously. after 50 hours of double use a single user license locks down. The purchase of a further license is required.

Updates and upgrades as well as multi user licences are only possible for the current main version.
A purchase of an update or an upgrade leads to a new installation of the purchased edition.
It does not expand the initial version though it will still run. Both do not establish an additional user licence.
Old and current version in this respect must not be used simultaneously.

TARGET 3001! has a licence checking system giving out warning messages in case your licence is used
against this rule. If you do not terminate the reason of misuse (you'll get warnings) TARGET 3001! will
shut down completely and won't start anymore. Only a purchase of further licences can restart it.
This licence checking system is working autonomously and locally. It does not send data to IBF or
contact IBF servers anyhow for this purpose.

At no time there are any of your data transferred to us in this respect.

Please contact us if any questions arise.

Only if you actively place a PCB purchase order from out of the software (e.g. you order a board manufacture at PCB-Pool) we get a copy. The time of starting and ending TARGET 3001! is relevant for the licence check. By the way: Hibernation, i.e. the PC's rest period, does not count. The PC must be properly switched on. TARGET writes a time stamp to the data file every 15 minutes. TARGET cannot do this during "sleep" or hibernation.

Don't use TARGET 3001! with a wrong system time and do not manipulate the INI-files.

Multiple use: How can I make sure that TARGET runs without trouble?

Best is to buy as much licences as you have users. Each user closes his TARGET at the end of his session. If you have more users than the number of licenced workstations (users) you can install a license counter:

[License counter]