File extensions T3001 & T3000

You cannot open the desired project file using this edition...

The TARGET 3001! project files can have two extensions:

*.T3001 This file extension applies to the edition "discover" and all purchased editions licensed to a user's name. All manufacturing data can be created.

*.T3000 This file extension applies to the TARGET 3001! PCB-POOL Edition. No Gerber and other production data can be generated with this edition. You are welcome to order your board at the PCB manufacturer PCB-POOL® who can handle these files.

The *.T3000 files, meant for the PCB-POOL edition, and the *.T3001 files, meant for the regular TARGET editions, can not be interchanged between the editions. There is no automatic converter. If you purchase a licensed version of TARGET 3001! we convert up to 5 files for free, provided that they had been created prior to the date of purchase of the licensed version. For more than 5 files to convert we'd be happy to give you a quote.

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