Drilling Plan with Pictograms

Menu File / Input/Output Formats / Production / "Drilling Plan with Pictograms"

Here please create the pictograms of the drill plan. TARGET 3001! uses 20 different pictograms (figures) for 20 different drill hole diameters. Also, an ASCII-text-file with information regarding the assignment of the pictograms to the individual drill hole diameters is created. For example:

Drillpictlegend e.jpg
Image: The section to the right represents the window of a separate text file

The creation of graphical pictograms is used to control individual drill hole diameters on a non-automatic drilling (manual drilling). The size of the pictograms can be edited in the "Settings/Settings/Options" dialog:

Pict plan1 e.jpg
Image: Set the dimensions of the pictograms. Or untick the box to delete the pictograms at all.

You should create an output of the drill holes as pictogram shortly after you entered anything to the layout. The legend information does not refresh in real time. So if you make changes, please generate the drilling plan new.

Drillholes not being plated through are indicated by an outer circle, see legend:

Bohrplan ndk e.jpg
Image: Indication of drills not plated through.