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All rights on TARGET 3001! and this WIKI, particularly the copyright, and the trademark TARGET 3001! are reserved by

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Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Gerber is a registered trademark of Gerber Inc. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. DXF is a registered trademark of Autodesk Inc.

All other program- and font names used in this manual or in the TARGET 3001! software are registered trademarks of their particular holders.

No part of this manual or the program TARGET 3001! may be reproduced in any form or means whatsoever. The buyer has the right to use TARGET 3001! on his work station but has no ownership of it.

Permission is given to make one safety copy of the program TARGET 3001! for your own use. This copy must not be forwarded to a third person or to be changed in any way. Each program can be identified individually, therefore each illegal copy can be traced. If the buyer does not follow the outlined conditions, he will be held responsible to pay a compensation to the Ing. Buero FRIEDRICH. A penalty of five times the purchasing price is agreed.

The "TARGET 3001! discover" evaluation- or shareware-version can (should) be forwarded to others. However it is reserved for private and educational use. It's forbidden to use it for commercial purposes.

Disclaimer of liability

The program TARGET 3001!, the component and model libraries as well as the manual have been constructed very carefully with the best of our knowledge. However, we do not guarantee that the software TARGET 3001!, the components, models or its documentation are free of errors or that it would be suitable for special purposes. All legal responsibility or liability in case of any consequential damage is excluded.

Information given by Ing. Buero FRIEDRICH as well as all documentations have been generated carefully, accurately and reliably. We appreciate any feedback from our customers on the contents of the manual and the TARGET 3001! program.

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