Context menu

By clicking the right mousekey M2 a context menu opens which allows to set several properties.
The context menu in schematic and layout differs only by the entries "Page" and "Layers".

KontextS e.jpg KontextL e.jpg
The context menu in schematic view The context menu in layout view

Module: Please have a look in the Module article
Page: You can create a new (additional) schematic page or manouvre between the pages
Layers: The dialog "PCB layers" opens. It shows the current layer configuration and allows all layer settings.
Grid: The dialog Window grid allows all grid settings as well as the preferred drawing unit (metric or imperial).
Simulationmodel: After an Info-box the dialog "Models for ..." opens. You can edit the Simulationmodel of the component selected.
Edit properties: A component needs to be highlighted for edition. The dialog "Edit the selected elements" opens.