3d in general

In case you wish to activate the 3D view in TARGET 3001! your layout needs at least a few elements. Please first draw a PCB outline upon layer 23.In case the outline appears too spaceous, adjust it at any time (drag the edges by M1H)...


The package browser/the database will guide you regarding the selection of component packages:

You also might open the package browser from the schematic view:

3d v16 e.jpg

An example: Place a component taken from the "component database" twice to your layout:

3d4 e.png

Draw some tracks e.g. on layer 2, copper bottom (red).

3d5 e.png

Launch the 3D-view in menu "View":

3d6 e.jpg

Or use the button 3d button.jpg in the toolbar top right. Now the 3D-Viewer opens:

3d7 e.png

View your layout from all sides by rotating it by mouseclick left

3d8 e.png

Move the complete view by right mousekey held. Doubleclick it to give it a spin, doubleclick it again to stop it.

Use button Center3d.jpg to bring the view to the initial centered position.
Use button Edit3d.jpg to edit the 3D model.

Select different views from the view bar on the left.

3d9 e.png

V14 and earlier: Place a component taken from the "standard" library twice to your layout:

3d3 e.png

Use keys in the tree view

In the tree view it is possible to tick boxes in order to switch the elements they represent on and off (visible, invisible).

With the ENTER key it's possible to highlight them coloured. If you add the CTRL key nomerous parts or signals can be highlighted. The colors blue, red, green and magenta are used sequently. The colors return again in this order.

3Dtastaturbelegung e.jpg