Future Manager

This functionality is not offered any more since V15.


Write it down to the Future Manager! Please see TARGET 3001! Menu Help / "Requests for the future".

This is the opening dialog of the future manager:


The list shows the "charts" of customer's wishes. Highlight a wish and score for it. The more points a wish gathers the higher is it's score. You have 10 points which you can distribute among the wishes. You can reassign your 10 points at any time but you only have 10 points.

Use button "Where are my points gone?" for getting a list of wishes you had scored for. Wishes with the highest score get implemented preferential to TARGET 3001!. Please press button "Wishes fulfilled" and get a glance on the "Balance of fulfilled wishes".

Post your own individual wish by the button top right in the main dialog and score fore it too. You need connection to the internet.


We are sure that this tool will point TARGET 3001!'s development into the direction which is closest to the desires of its users...

Thanks for your support!