Data exchange/Documentation

TARGET 3001! offers numerous interfaces to various techniques - see menu File/input/Output formats:


ASCII Interface (Text Eagle Protel)
Read XGerber and Excellon files
Read Gerber and Excellon files
Export Drill list...
DXF Output
Import DXF
Create PDF
Postscript Output
Output Bill of Material BOM
Netlist Output
Read Netlist
Plan / MS-Word, Open Office etc...
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
Image as symbol/package
Export project as Eagle XML file
Import Eagle XML library
HPGL generic output
IDF Export (3D)
STEP Export (3D)
OBJ Export (Wavefront, 3D)...
POV Export (POV-Ray 3D)...

Further filters within other dialogs:

Frontpanel tool
Cable harness tool
Pick and place automat
Fabmaster Export
GenCAD Export
specctra interface via ELECTRA
GDS 2output (version 5.2)
Engraving insulation channels in HPGL, Isel-format, Charlyrobot-format and Colinbus format
Supports Polar Instruments and digitaltest automatic test systems