Upload your part, download others

C O M P O N I V E R S E® is a web based exchange for CAD data of electronic components. It's a cloud for TARGET 3001! components. It's the place to share components with others. A component cosmos in the internet. It is highly integrated to TARGET 3001!
How does it work?

Joe (Leeds), Ranjid (Bangalore) and Jukka (Helsinki) share parts and benefit from each other.

Search in TARGET, find in Componiverse, download and go.

What is it able to do?

If you search for a component in TARGET 3001! the web application Componiverse is browsed at the same time. So if the part is not available in the TARGET component data base, maybe a friend has drawn it and uploaded it to Componiverse. Now you can find and use this part. Are you component manufacturer and want to provide your customers with CAD data and extensive information about your components for download, including a link to your shop? Insert your components into Componiverse. Bring your components into the designs of all TARGET and EAGLE users just by adding CAD data to them.If a part gets uploaded to Componiverse, TARGET 3001! can find it based on its name or fractions of it. By this means the pool of TARGET 3001! parts grows day by day.

Watch 3 min video There is a little video behind the Eagle logo...

What's behind it

  • Powerful engine
  • HTML5 based - prepared for the future. METEOR, Node.js
  • New design with more speed
  • Search completion recognizes component name, manufacturer and user name
  • Results can be assorted by rating, date or alphabet
  • Option to exchange clusters of parts by open lists
  • Create a link to a certain part in Componiverse
  • Open and simple interface (API) for third-party software
Other features

  • SPICE-Models are transferred
  • all futher details will be transferred: DIN and IEEE-symbol, ordering number, component type, component type parameters, Pin assignment and so on.
  • Autorating: The better a part is equipped with data the higher it scores
  • The description of a component automatically gets enhanced by parameters
  • User can have a profile
  • Keyboard control possible
  • Eagle® compliant

You'llhave that best in the latest edition of TARGET 3001!

The download of a part will not touch your data base structure. There will not be added any component type, distributor etc, if a part eventually brings them along. Existing ones get used however. Many component details can be edited directly in Componiverse ("Builder" in the Componiverse menu bar to the left)

Search in TARGET

Link to Componiverse in the TARGET3001! component data base
Image: Search for lm in TARGET. Result in green.
"I am in search of a part having LM in its name. Is anything out there?"
Yes, Componiverse additionally offers 123 options! Clicking the orange line opens Componiverse in your web browser:</td></tr></table>

How Componiverse shows up
Image: How Componiverse shows up in your browser

1. The search "lm" in TARGET will be automatically overtaken to Componiverse
2. Tick the box to select the desired item
3. Add the desired one(s) to the list

Change over to TARGET and fetch the content of the list into your component data base. TARGET notices itself that there is a list to fetch something from. Now use it in TARGET as usual.

How to link TARGET to Componiverse please see in chapter below "Register, login".

Search in Componiverse

Alternatively search "lm" manually in Componiverse. 1. Enter characters to the Componiverse search and get results. The following procedure is the same as above.
2. Tick box to select desired component 3. Add the selected to your list to the left using the icon [+] Add to list In TARGET 3001! collect the parts from the list (automatic suggest).

Upload your own part

Conversely implied you might have drawn a part yourself which was not available in the local TARGET 3001! component database. Now load up your individual user part to Componiverse so that others might use it and take benefit from your artwork. You're part of the TARGET 3001! Component Community.

Load your part(s) up to Componiverse
Image: Load parts up to Componiverse:
Highlight the part(s), right mouse click (=M2), select option, upload done.

What is getting published?

All elements you had equipped your component with will be visible in Componiverse:

  • Your component name
  • Your component description including all properties
  • Your images of symbol and package
  • Your 3D image including syntax
  • Your user name
  • Further properties if given

Register, login

Componiverse runs on an IBF server. You need to register (sign up) and need to login (sign in) during the interaction. Your Componiverse eMail address must be denoted in TARGET/Settings/Settings INI File (bottom of list).

Your Componiverse eMail-address must be known to TARGET 3001!
In TARGET: To communicate with Componiverse you need to denote the same eMail address which you had been using when registering to Componiverse.

Terms and conditions of use
At this point I have got a question...
I am a component manufacturer and I'd like to load up all of my components to Componiverse