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Edition light by the USD shopEdition light by the EUR shop"light"
Edition smart by the USD shopEdition smart by the EUR shop"smart"
Edition medium by the USD shopEdition medium by the EUR shop"medium"
Edition economy by the USD shopEdition economy by the EUR shop"economy"
Edition professional by the USD shopEdition professional by the EUR shopborder="0"alt="professional"
Edition design station by the USD shopEdition design station by the EUR shop"design station"
target@ibfriedrich.com"molded interconnect device, MID"

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USD prices are ex VAT, please add Package and freight
EURO prices are VAT included, please add Package and freight
Important note for the editions discover and light: No commercial use!

Prices mean VERSION 19. What's new in V19?

  • EUR prices include 19% VAT.
  • USD prices are ex VAT and apply only for US residents.
  • All EC/EU companies providing EC/EU VAT codes and all orders from outside the EU are billed ex VAT.
  • Package and freight charges must be added (D=5.36, EU=12.30, WORLD=18.00, 19% German VAT included. Inner USA = 15.00 USD ex VAT)
  • System requirements
  • Max. schematic and board size in all editions: 2m x 2m = 78.74" x 78.74"
  • Frontpanel milling limitations apply to the length of the working path of the milling tool (Excellon format). PCB isolation milling is unlimited (HPGL etc.)
  • Prices for USD Updates and USD Upgrades
  • Prices for EUR Updates and EUR Upgrades
  • Multiuser licenses by request
  • We offer versions for students and schools by request
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