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"Eagle" is a registered trademark of Cadsoft, Pleiskirchen, Germany.

Being familiar with a different layout CAD system does not ease the entry into TARGET 3001!. Often it is easier to learn a software without the experiences with other software packages. The following articles may help you entering TARGET 3001! while coming from Eagle. You can convert your Eagle-files to TARGET 3001! and convert them from TARGET 3001! to Eagle. Also your private Eagle libraries can be converted to TARGET 3001!. Also a summary explains the Eagle text commands and how you would do it in TARGET 3001!

Easy entry to TARGET 3001! coming from Eagle:

The easy way of opening an Eagle project in TARGET 3001!
Eagle commands and how to do it in TARGET 3001 (or as a PDF)
Outdated: Convert Eagle projects and libraries to TARGET 3001!
Outdated: Convert TARGET 3001! projects to Eagle (TARGET 3001! libraries can not be converted to Eagle up to now.)

Advantages of TARGET 3001! over Eagle

  • no node locking (investment security: You can install your TARGET license on any PC whenever and wherever you like)
  • independence from commercial decisions of a dominating principal (Eagle is owned by Farnell)
  • telephone and eMail service supplied for every user (includes user of the demo version)
  • all project information (schematic, pcb, simulation, 3D, data sheet links, ordering numbers, front panel design etc.) is gathered in one single project file.
  • real time data integration, no versions conflicts between schematic and board.
  • automatic internal forward-back-annotation.
  • the complete handling in one single Windows application.
  • mixed-mode simulation
  • full functional live 3D-view with various 3D functions including STEP export (not just a rendered static image)!
  • STEP import - read in of 3D data offered by manufacturers on the web
  • direct access to components in a SQL data base offering the complete performance of a relational data base
  • commercial infos on your parts (price, availability, data sheet link) on button click
  • maintain RoHS- or any other information as component property down to BoM
  • Isolation milling of your prototypes on button click
  • front panel design within the PCB development environment
  • no fear of Load Error 293:
  • Components still editable in schematic and layout, independent from the component data base
  • package generator
  • edit pin functions like a text
  • etc...

Use the advantages of both systems!

Our aim is to give you the chance to use both systems as efficiently as possible and to keep the hurdles between both systems low. That's the reason why you can open an Eagle File in TARGET 3001! and convert a TARGET file the way that you can open it in Eagle.